Guarantee & Commitment

Quality and Guarantee

SFH wishing to ensure the quality of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients, guarantees installations for 24 months (working 35 hours per week).

This is a indicator for clients of the reliability of our installations.

Our Commitment

SFH respect the planet and put in place solution systems that reduce resource consumption, such as the replacement of IT systems including the removal of cathode-ray screens and the recycling of obsolete material and removal of individual printers.

Since 2011, SFH have a policy to reduce paper consumation, notably :

  • by double-sided printing of client offers and estimates
  • by using the Internet for communication (emailings, newsletter ...)
  • by limiting to the minimum document and email printing


Operational Aspects

Operational Aspects at SFH


Following a client inquiry and project agreement a technical-economic offer is made.

Commercial Approch

As a complement to our technical proposals, we also offer trials, for a compaction or filtration project for example.

These trials are carried out in your enterprise, with or without the assistance of the the client.

We systematically supply a trial report, videos, photos...

Technical-Economic Tenders

The estimate is calculated in partnership between the salesperson and the contract manager.

The project office can start to make a projet design enabling the completion of the offer and to support the technical options available.

After a client presentation, agreement and order completion, the production takes place in our workshops.

Reception before delivery

Depending on the size of the project, fabrication can take a few weeks or several months.

The client comes to SFH to recieve the goods, prior to delivery and on-site installation.

The final installation at the client's premises is carried out by a team from SFH both in France and internationally.

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