Guarantee & Commitment

Quality and Guarantee

SFH wishing to ensure the quality of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients, guarantees installations for 24 months (working 35 hours per week).

This is a indicator for clients of the reliability of our installations.

Our Commitment

SFH respect the planet and put in place solution systems that reduce resource consumption, such as the replacement of IT systems including the removal of cathode-ray screens and the recycling of obsolete material and removal of individual printers.

Since 2011, SFH have a policy to reduce paper consumation, notably :

  • by double-sided printing of client offers and estimates
  • by using the Internet for communication (emailings, newsletter ...)
  • by limiting to the minimum document and email printing


Filtration and cutting fluid control

Benefits of Filtration Systems

Above all, the cutting oil management is affected by costs incurred by baths maintenance.

Observations about existing client systems

Inefficient watering tanks

  • Poor filtration = over-concentration of pollutants, limited tank life
  • Filter seals too close = increased maintenance renewal costs of filter elements
  • Liquid volume shortage = low turn over (premature degradation of chemical agents of oil -> limited liquid duration)
  • Poor level controls = liquid shortages, overflows

No control of bath concentrations

  • Oil addition at short intervals = Excess evaporation (oil fume pollution, no automatic control of oil replacement)
  • Lack of concentration control (over-dosage, high water consumption)

Presence of untreated oils from external sources

  • Oxidation of tanks = tank saturation, limited life expectancy of tanks
  • Bacteria development
  • Operator security issues

Oil changes at short intervals

  • Machine stoppages
  • Oil top-ups
  • Cleaning, treatment, disinfection...

Disposal costs of oil channels

Replacement costs of cutting oils

  • Top-up concentration / New bath creation...

Lack of liquid agitation during long stoppages

  • Oxidation of tanks = tank saturation, limited life expectancy of tanks
  • Bacteria development
  • Disposal of superficial oil
  • Operatior security and comfort

Lack of tank cooling systems

  • Variation of sides geometrically manufactured
  • Tolerances non-maintained

Operator security and comfort

  • Improvement of operator working conditions
  • Bacteria development, ambiant air pollution, maintenance...

Cost Reduction

  • Maintenace costs caused to machine parts (Pump fittings / joints / hydraulic and mechanical parts / channel wear, protection of rotating joints...)

Unplanned production stoppage costs

  • One installation per tank = one maintenance

Quality of treatment related to watering

  • Part wear, Ra not respected...

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