Guarantee & Commitment

Quality and Guarantee

SFH wishing to ensure the quality of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients, guarantees installations for 24 months (working 35 hours per week).

This is a indicator for clients of the reliability of our installations.

Our Commitment

SFH respect the planet and put in place solution systems that reduce resource consumption, such as the replacement of IT systems including the removal of cathode-ray screens and the recycling of obsolete material and removal of individual printers.

Since 2011, SFH have a policy to reduce paper consumation, notably :

  • by double-sided printing of client offers and estimates
  • by using the Internet for communication (emailings, newsletter ...)
  • by limiting to the minimum document and email printing




SFH chip spinners allow the optimal extraction of oil adhering to your chips by centrifugal force. The spinners can be integrated in automised chip treatment chains.

They are designed to extract liquid from the chips.

  • Capacity : from 50 until 350 Kg/h of aluminium chips, depending size, density, form.
  • The chips are continuously fed from the top.
  • Automatic cleaning system blowing
  • The centrifugal force plate chips against the wall, the liquid is recovered and piped to the side.
  • Electric motor Bonfiglioli : 1440 RPM
  • Without chip trolley
  • External coating RAL painted, without internal protection


Technical description :

Small metal chips are continuously & regularly fed into centrifuge hopper. Chips slide into the drum are accelerated up to it. Centrifugal force drive the chips up the bowl’s side wall and over the coolant exit slots by a grid ejection.

The dried chips pass over the upper edge of the bowl and are ejected via the wringer housing.

Automatic cleaning of the bowl by blowing air.

Models :

  • SFH 150 Aluminium until 50Kg/hour - Steel until 100 Kg/hour
  • SFH 500 Aluminium until 150Kg/hour - Steel until 300 Kg/hour
  • SFH 1000 Aluminium until 350Kg/hour - Steel until 750 Kg/hour
Cutting fluid recovery after spinning
Chips spinnerWith conveyer
Download documentation : pdfSpinners.
Filtration and decrease in the amount of cutting fluid used
Chips spinnerWith screw and conveyer
Download documentation : pdfSpinners.
Oil filtration after spinning
Chips spinnerWith conveyers
Download documentation : pdfSpinners.

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