Guarantee & Commitment

Quality and Guarantee

SFH wishing to ensure the quality of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients, guarantees installations for 24 months (working 35 hours per week).

This is a indicator for clients of the reliability of our installations.

Our Commitment

SFH respect the planet and put in place solution systems that reduce resource consumption, such as the replacement of IT systems including the removal of cathode-ray screens and the recycling of obsolete material and removal of individual printers.

Since 2011, SFH have a policy to reduce paper consumation, notably :

  • by double-sided printing of client offers and estimates
  • by using the Internet for communication (emailings, newsletter ...)
  • by limiting to the minimum document and email printing


Chip compactor Premium range

Chip Briquetting system Premium range

This range of briquetting machines are dedicated for high volume of machining wastes.

The benefits of our hydraulic compacting presses

Valorization of machining scraps with chips hopper

  • Direct revenue with metal briquettes instead chips.
  • Recycle your chips is a economic and ecological saving.
  • Recovery and reuse of cuttings fluids.
  • Reduce the volume of machining waste to carry.

Swarf briquetting units

Our swarf briquetting units can compact ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as aluminium, copper, titanium , aluminium lithium , metal sludges, powder.

Capacity examples for aluminium chips application :

  • Model PM1 20T capacity until 20 Kg/hour, power of compression : 1592 Kg/cm²
  • Model PM1 25T capacity until 20 Kg/hour, power of compression : 1990 Kg/cm²
  • Model PM2 60T capacity until 70 Kg/hour, power of compression: 1559 Kg/cm²
  • Model PM2 80T capacity until 70 Kg/hour, power of compression: 2079 Kg/cm²
  • Model PM3 H 150T capacity until 500 Kg/hour, power of compression: 1326 Kg/cm²
  • Model PM3 H 200T capacity until 500 Kg/hour, power of compression : 1768 Kg/cm²
Description and performance

Description and performance of our premium range in order to valorize your scraps.

Technical details of our chip briquetting units

Chip briquetting unit model PM1

Model PM1

  • Briquetting pressure : 20 à 25 tons
  • Metal Briquettes : Ø40mm
  • Effort of compression from 1592 to 1990 Kg/cm²
  • Max Capacity :
    • Until 20 Kg/h aluminium chip
    • Until 50 Kg/h steel chip
    • Jusqu’à 20 Kg/h grinding sludge
  • Engine power: from 4 to 5,5 KW
  • Automation Siemens
Chip briquetting unit model PM2

Model PM2

  • Briquetting pressure : 60 à 80 tons
  • Metal Briquettes : Ø55 up to 70 mm
  • Effort of briquetting : from 1559 to 3367 Kg/cm²
  • Max Capacity :
    • Jusqu’à 70 Kg/h aluminium chips
    • Jusqu’à 175 Kg/h steel chips
    • Jusqu’à 60 Kg/h grinding sludges
  • Engine power : fron 5,5 to 9 KW
  • Automation Siemens
Chip briquetting unit model PM3

Model PM3

  • Briquetting pressure: from 150 to 200T
  • Metal Briquettes : from Ø90 to 120 mm
  • Effort of compression : from 1326 to 3144 Kg/cm²
  • Max capacity :
    • Until 600 Kg/h Aluminium chips
    • Jusqu’à 1250 Kg/h steel chips
    • Jusqu’à 170 Kg/h grinding sludge
  • Engine power : from 22 to 40 KW
  • Automation Siemens
  • Space saving
  • Robust and simple construction
  • Very high pressure of briquetting
  • Feed screw with hydraulic drive
  • Treated tooling
  • Simple maintenance
  • Recovery of cutting oils
  • Rapid return on investment
Optional :

Available for rent over 5 years with maintenance contract and spare parts.

Chip briquetting unit

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